XAC & Playstation Access™ controller Adaptive Accessible Gaming Kit

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This is our Adaptive Accessible Gaming Kit, compatible with Xbox Adaptive Controller and the Playstation Access™ controller. This kit contains one Mini Thumbstick Extension, one Mini Button, and one String Switch.


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What's in this kit?
  • Mini Thumbstick Extension: plug your thumbstick in and play! Use the 3.5mm jack labeled "X1" for left thumbstick movement and "X2" for the right thumbstick movement. This product is compatible with the XAC and the Playstation Access™ controller. Add thumbstick extenders to increase sensitivity. Click here for more info or to buy alone. 
  • Mini Button: can be plugged into any compatible device, but is generally used with the XAC (Xbox Adaptive Controller) or the Playstation Access™ controller. You simply plug the cable into the input you would like the button to be, for example, the Trigger or X button. Pick between 2 levels of sensitivity. Click here for more info or to buy alone. 
  • String Switch: Pulling the string will provide an audible click and smooth tactile feedback. Requiring only 1.5-oz/43g of activation force. The Paracord string will never fray or deteriorate. Click here for more info or to buy alone. 
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