XAC & Playstation Access™ controller Mini Thumbstick 3.5mm

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This is our Mini Thumbstick Extension, compatible with the Xbox Adaptive Controller and the Playstation Access™ controller. With this device, you have complete freedom to physically move the thumbstick to any accessible position. Attach it to a controller, operate it with your foot or mouth, or any part of your body with mobility. The extension can also be mounted with velcro or any type of adhesive that works for your application.

Our Thumbstick extension is assembled with a Small Convex Evil Stick (see more info here and you can choose to add Thumbstick Extenders to lengthen your thumbstick and also provide a significant amount of sensitivity for operating the thumbsticks (see more info here 


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How does it work?

Plug your thumbstick in and play! Use the 3.5mm jack labeled "X1" for left thumbstick movement and "X2" for the right thumbstick movement. This product is compatible with the XAC and the Playstation Access™ controller.

Can I see it in action?

Sure! Click here to watch our YouTube video breaking down the operation and benefits.

What is the handle mount for?

This mount allows you to easily secure the thumbstick to the underside of the Xbox or Playstation Controller with a very strong adhesive tape that we provide. This has many benefits, such as allowing you to use the co-pilot mode to operate the controller while having the modular thumbstick secured below the controller. The mount is compatible with both the left and right handles of the controller. This is not a necessary add-on and is only recommended for gamers who use the controller and the XAC or Playstation Access™ controller in tandem.

What is the sensitive tension?

This feature is ideal for gamers with limited strength or difficulty physically moving the thumbstick directionally. Sensitive tension will make the pressure required to operate far less than normal. We also offer Evil Sticks in higher heights, which would also decrease the pressure needed to operate the thumbstick.

What are thumbstick extenders?

Thumbstick extenders can lengthen your thumbstick and also provide a significant amount of sensitivity for operating the thumbsticks. The weight and height of the extender contribute significantly to this, making it easier to maneuver the thumbstick. Additionally, you can custom-make your own grip by adding moldable silicone ( to the extender and shaping it for your ergonomic needs. Lastly, the thumbstick extender is mounted to a thumbstick which is then installed into your mini thumbstick housing. It can be removed without tools and replaced with a standard evil stick, that way you can game with or without the thumbstick extender. One example could be using the extender for driving games and a standard thumbstick for shooter games.

  • 1.5” 
  • 2.5”
  • 3.5”
Can I use the 3.5mm plug on my XAC or Playstation Access™ controller, instead of the USB plug?

Yes, both the 3.5mm and USB are compatible with the XAC. Only the 3.5mm plug is compatible with the Playstation Access™ controller. This product simply offers only the 3.5mm version.

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